Bridging cultures for better understanding and successful business transactions worldwide.

Mission Statement

International cultural understanding used to be a ‘luxury’ afforded only by a small elite of well-intentioned world travelers. Not anymore! In this age of communication revolution, cloud computing, and intense globalization in the 21st Century everyone is expected to become more conversant in several languages and cultures. Market share depends on it as well as successful diplomacy and peace efforts. The high mobility of students, business people, researchers, diplomats, and tourists, has created an intense need for reliable, focused, quick, and authentic skill training in culture and language.

CBI – Culture Bridge International provides high-quality services that fulfill these needs: Translation, Cultural Consulting, Study Abroad Counseling and Logistics, Language Instruction, and the like. CBI has offices in Oregon (2960 NW Taylor, Corvallis OR 97330 USA), and in Tunisia (10, rue Pierre de Coubertin, 1000 Tunis, Tunisia).

CBI has a team of professional consultants with long experience in academia and the business world – language and cultural studies professors, technical and literary translators, study abroad experts, study tours professionals, and individual language and culture tutors.

CBI professional activities are guided by constant striving for excellence, authenticity, and reliability. We count on our first-time clients to return and to become reference advocates for our performance. The uniqueness of each culture and the culturally-grounded idioms of each language can best handled by CBI native and near-native professionals in the US, and corresponding associates in Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Ivory Coast, and many other regions of Africa and the Arab World.

A.K.Hamdy, General Manager

USA + 541.602.6874

Tunisia + 98.420.287