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    21 June 2010

    Study Abroad in Tunisia!
    –Info at http://oregonabroad.ous.edu/countries/tunisia/index.html
    –Period: September to December every year
    –Credits: one year worth of language in ten weeks
    –Open to all qualifying students enrolled in US or US-affiliated universities and colleges
    –Choose: Intensive Arabic (Standard and Dialect) or Intensive French!
    –Program administered by OUS – The Oregon University System
    –Host University in Tunisia: ISLT/Universite du 7 Novembre a Carthage
    –Elective content courses taught in English: Arab/Tunisia Culture, Francophone Literature, & Sustainable Development/Environment

    Welcome to the Crossroads of Peoples and Culture throughout History!

    Tunisia, located in North Africa on the Mediterranean Sea just southwest of Italy, is a country rich in culture and history. Originally home to Berbers, Tunisia has been settled by people from a number of civilizations such as the Phoenicians who founded Carthage, the Romans, Ottomans, and French to name a few. As a result, Tunisian cultural identity today is based on a complex heritage and on the juxtaposition of different pasts.

    As a student in the OUS Tunisia program, you’ll be centered in the capital city of Tunis. There you’ll embark on an unforgettable journey that will take you from the northern coast of Carthage, to the sandy deserts of the Sahara in the south. Along the way you’ll encounter some of the best preserved archeological sites and ancient monuments in the Mediterranean world, as well as some of the finest museums Tunisia has to offer.

    Along with this extraordinary experience, you will be expanding your education in the form of an intensive study of either Arabic or French, and of elective courses in Mediterranean, gender, and/or environmental studies taught in English.

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    CBI Library Tips

    Rogerson, Barnaby, Traveler’s History of North Africa. Interlink Books, 1998.
    Succinct, accurate, readable, and entertaining. The author manages to fit a long history narrative in one portable volume. Read More on North Africa.

  3. AKH says:

    CBI Library Tips

    Mokeddem, Malika, Century of Locusts. Nebraska University Press, 2006. 272pp.
    Translated and with an introduction by Laura Rice and Karim Hamdy

    Set in the first half of the twentieth century, Malika Mokeddem’s Century of Locusts combines the magic of exquisitely wrought desert landscapes, the intrigue of Bedouin tales of madmen and poets, and the personal pain of exile and isolation to evoke a way of life destroyed by the scourge of settler colonialism. Malika Mokeddem is an Algerian exile who has lived most of her life in France. A medical doctor as well as a writer, she worked in Montpellier as a general practitioner focusing on the health needs of the immigrant North African community until recently, when death threats forced her to close her clinic. Century of Locusts won several literary awards in France, including the prix Littré. Laura Rice is professor of comparative literature at Oregon State University. Karim Hamdy does research in the area of international development and is director of the Oregon Study Abroad Program in Tunisia. Rice and Hamdy are coauthors of Departures, the translations of and critical essays on the selected writings of Isabelle Eberhardt. Read More.

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    Gateway to the Arab World
    This is one of the best gateways to start searching for info and news about (and from) the Arab region, including a good list of Arab newspapers’ online editions.

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    Three useful items for translators:
    (i) Arabic Translation Engines,
    (ii) Arabic and Arabic-English Dictionaries, and
    (iii) Arabic Specialized Dictionaries
    Read MORE

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    Bilingual Books: Promoting Literacy and Biliteracy in the Second-Language and Mainstream Classroom
    Read More at http://www.readingonline.org/articles/art_index.asp?HREF=ernst-slavit/index.html

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